Overseer’s Blog

“We appreciate all of our Ministry Supporters. You are precious in the eyes of the Lord. We are grateful to all of you for all that you do. The Ministry would not be what it is without your untiring labor of love shown in your accountability to serve. What Divine purpose each of you have to make the Kingdom of God shine upon this earth. May your steps continually be ordered of the Lord, may His favor be your portion each day, may you rise up with abundant health and strength to accomplish the task set before you, may you know His unlimited power, and may you always have your heart fixed on Him. We love you all, members, staff, friends and family.”

April 19, 2017
“There is a reason why you have gone through the things that you have. Those things did not come to destroy you. The things you have faced came to pass so that you would be ready to help someone else that would face the same thing. So, be strong today! Stand firm in your faith, nothing wavering. The same God that brought you through the last struggle will bring you through this one too. 
He’s faithful that promised.” 

Jan 18, 2019

“Arise and let us go and take the land! As we greeted the new year of 2019, it’s safe to say that we all are expecting greater things this year. As an Overseer and Pastor I always pray that an abundance of blessings will flow to the body of Christ that we might do even greater works for the Kingdom each year. What the enemy has stolen from you, I decree and declare that HE MUST return all things to you and THEN SOME. Turn your pressure into praise and watch the hand of God open over you with favor like never before. LET’S MAKE THIS YEAR GREAT FOR THE KINGDOM OF GOD!”

Nov 20, 2019

“As we are nearing the end of 2019 and the Holidays are upon us, may we reflect back over the year and recognize the many times when God’s hand provided and took care of us. His love is matchless and His heart is FOR US! The splendor of His majesty can be compared to nothing else! 
If the ups and downs this past year have overwhelmed you, rest in knowing that YOU MADE IT! Carry on……HE IS RIGHT BY OUR SIDE ALL THE WAY! 
You made it this far……carry on…….His GRACE is sufficient.”

Jan 25, 2020

“What a season has begun!!!! As God said, He knows His plans for you. You can rest assured knowing that “whatever” He has designed for you in the next 12 months HE ALREADY HAS GONE BEFORE YOU TO MAKE A WAY! This is HIS PROMISE and this is HIS PLAN to direct your steps. Hold fast to the promises HE has made concerning you and then WATCH GOD! 

Oct. 6, 2023
What a time of expectancy……yes, even in all of the chaos! What God has planned He hasn’t forgotten nor is He neglecting to meet His deadline. In a world gone mad, He still has the last word. Hey, if He had the first word why would you think that He wouldn’t have the last one? If you just do not lose heart and just hang in there a bit longer, He’s promised to bring you out on top! We are the head and NOT the tail. Always have been and always will be! He’s a good good good Father and He can do anything but fail us! Praise His Holy Name!