Meet Our President/Overseer

Trent River Free Will Holiness Association, Inc.

President and General Overseer

Rev. Dr. Teresa Bryant Ammons

Our President of the Association is the daughter of our late Overseer, Rev. Dr. Joyce Bryant and husband, Earl Bryant(Association Board of Directors Member and the Manager of Rev. Ruben Jones’ tent ministry). She is also the Granddaughter of our Founding Father, Rev. Ruben Jones and wife Helen. She has been anointed and appointed to lead, mentor, watch over, and propel, we the people and churches of this Association into our next level of destiny.

She has been a part of this ministry from birth. She was brought up in this Association with the privilege of traveling and working in this ministry with her Grandfather, Mother and Father. She knows well the supernatural move of God that filled her Grandfather’s day. She has experienced the ways of our foundation. She has touched the bones of our past and has been established at this time to introduce our past to our present that will spark the fire of our future.

She has served as our Youth Camp Secretary, Youth Camp Vice President, our Association Board of Ordination Chairwoman, and Associate Pastor of our Holy Ground Fellowship Outreach Church. She is now presently serving as our Youth Camp President, Director of our Outreach Missions Program, Chancellor of our Rehoboth Bible Institute, and Pastor of our Rocky Point FWH Church. Her credits also include extensive Evangelistic work, prophetic ministry, seminar workshops on depression/anxiety/panic disorders, and received her Doctor of Divinity degree in 1999.

She is a third generation minister full of the Holy Ghost with the gifts, of the Spirit, in operation in her life. She carries a right now anointing to carry the gospel of Jesus Christ. With the generational blessing of her Grandfather and the hands of her Mother blessing her before her home-going, our Overseer is positioned to lead our Association into it’s finest hour.

She has one son, Steven Ammons, (Director/Production Manager – Multimedia Ministry of TRFWHA, Inc.), married to Christina Felts Ammons,(Youth Camp Secretary and Staff Member). She has one granddaughter, Aaliyah Ammons and one grandson, Dante Ammons.

Our Overseer believes in total submission to the voice of the Lord and full accountability and order in His service.


Trent River Free Will Holiness Association, Inc.

Vice President

Rev. Billy M. Bass

Our Vice President is the son of the late John and Leona Bass. He is formerly of Wilson County, NC and was brought up in the Saratoga Free Will Holiness Church of Saratoga, NC. He was born again in 1965 and was called into the ministry. He accepted the call in 1966 while attending our Youth Camp at Holly Springs, NC.

He accepted his first pastoric work in June of 1970 in the Roseboro, NC area. This church was converted from a three room house. However, in 1981, with a membership of about 65 people, they built their present church, The Carr’s Chapel Free Will Holiness Church of Roseboro, NC. He is still the Pastor of that church to this date.

His credits include serving as one of our Youth Camp teachers, Revivals, participating in Campmeetings, and serving on the Association Ordaining Council where he held the position of Chairman for a number of years before being appointed to the position of Vice President of the Association.

He has one daughter, Cheryl Bass Pate. She is married to William Pate. Rev. Bass has one granddaughter, Casie Pate, and one grandson, Corey Pate.

Rev. Bass is an anointed man of God with a sincere heart to serve the Lord to the utmost. He takes his call seriously and endeavors to walk in the unity of the Spirit. He carries a Pastors heart with the ability to teach men and women of God how to know who they are in Christ. He takes a firm stand in the values of a Christian home and the morals that should be conveyed to this generation.

Vice President’s personal statement: “I have been in the Free Will Holiness Association all my life and my plans are to serve faithfully as I can as long as the Lord gives the ability.”